2018-2019 | Research Master in Social and Cultural Science (Radboud University)

Comparative Methodology


Master Theses Supervision

2018-2019 | Anthropology and Development Studies (Radboud University)

CCTs in Uruguay, by Gonzalo Paolillo (on-going).


BA Theses Supervision

2017-2018 | Anthropology and Development Studies (Radboud University)

The Unspoken Reality of Imaginaries About the Poor: How Othering Reinforces Mechanisms of Social Inclusion and Exclusion, by Catharina Patricia Tenbrock.

Palestinian lives: How Palestinians forge their identity in exile, by Mariëlle Bovée.

‘There is no peace for our Rohingya, no solution, no justice’: An insight into the possibilities for equal citizenship for the Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh, by Lotte Oosterhek.

Conditional versus unconditional cash transfers: (Moral) justifications for an universal basic income, by Isa Corbeek.